The Yeung Family
So, what are we all about? Hmm... well first, God! Jesus is very important to our family. We strive everyday to make Him the center of our home and lives. We may not always get it perfect, but it is the biggest thing! We are also about marriage. We believe marriage to be very sacred and love each other with a passion!  Next is children, children are a blessing from our Lord! So far we have 5, but I'm praying for more, we want a great big family! Last is our home! We take great pride in our home! I have been dreaming of our forever home since we were married when I was 18 and in July of 2013 we finally moved into our little 1920's farmhouse that we named The Three Wooden Crosses Homestead! We love it here, and have big plans to make it our perfect nostalgic country home! Down below you'll get a chance to meet everyone in the family!
What are those crazy Yeungs about anyway?

All about our clan!
This is our wonderful Papabear, Brent! He is the patriarch of our family and loooooves to chop wood and fix cars... And spoiling Mama!

Next comes Mommabear, Ashley! Momma loves to decorate her home and snuggle with Daddy while watching funny movies! If she's not home you will find her in Church or at the antique mart!

Gabriella (or Gooberella) is our little Mommy. She is definitely a girly girl and loves all things ballet, unicorn, Barbie, among other stuff! When she grows up she wants to be a nurse or an explorer.

Oli Bear is our class clown! He's always trying to get a laugh! He loves trucks and dinosaurs. I think he may grow up to be a scientist, but he says he wants to own a movie store!
Marabop is Mamma's shadow! She is very sweet but also very feisty! She loves her baby brother and when she grows up she wants to be a Mommy and have lots of babies!

The babies, Samson and Soloman!
And last but not least, Samson and Soloman! Samson is a cute little bugger, but ornery as all get out! He loves trucks and helping Daddy fetch wood for the woodstove! Soloman is our littlest guy! He loves to smile and being cuddled! He's such a sweety pie!